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This extra-ordinary game of chess!!

The Clay Cross v Sheffield University match on 8th November was somewhat blighted by knock-on effects of transport difficulties for the visitors. They came with a very strong team and expected to win the match on their way to winning the division. If Peong Wei Jie had won his Board 1 game with Antony Natt he would have shown on Chessnuts with a YCA grade of about 220, and University WOULD HAVE WON THE MATCH. Indeed Peong Wei Jie (playing the Black pieces) was winning this game easily, as everyone who glanced at it in the position shown would have concluded.
Antony takes up the David v Goliath story in what may be the most remarkable game ending of the season. This and Frank Pearson's Board 5 win gave the University team what may transpire to be their only loss in the 2016/17 league season.

Activities & Teams  2016/17

The object of Clay Cross Chess Club is to promote the playing of chess in the Clay Cross area.

We play league chess within Sheffield and Derbyshire Chess Associations, and have three teams of various standards in their leagues. Our two home match venues are shown here. The church is our Tuesday evening venue for Sheffield matches. The hotel is where we play our Derbyshire League home matches on Wednesday evenings.

You can just come along for a friendly game, or if you are a complete beginner or an improver we'll give you lessons or advice on how to improve. If you would like to find out more about us before you visit and meet us, please contact the secretary, Brian - details here - or fill in the Contact us page, and we'll get back to you straight away.

Everyone interested in Chess is welcome!

Beginners (free lessons); Improvers (friendly games & advice); Experienced Players (come and have a serious game/join a team): Families (leading club members are DBS checked). It's free!

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