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We play league chess with Sheffield and Derbyshire associations,
and have two teams in each league.

Our two home match venues are shown here.
The church is our Tuesday evening venue for Sheffield matches
The hotel is where we play our Derbyshire League home matches on Wednesday evenings.

Newsletter 13th March

March 9th, Sheffield Div 5:
Sheffield League Division 5
     YCA Ravenfield Bishops   0.5 3.5 Clay Cross B  YCA    
114 David Tate B 0
Brian lever 127

109 Andrew Shaw W ½
Jerome Redhead 124

88 Barry Shaw B 0 1 Kieran Redhead

50 P. Dexter W 0 1 Neil Cameron 113

A swift glance at the Div 5 table may offer the illusion that our B-team is home and dry, but closer analysis will reveal that we need to win our last 2 matches, and that even then a superb run by Barnsley D could pip us to the trophy. A slip up against Sheffield Deaf (this Tuesday) or Ecclesall E in our last match in April could let in more than one team.

March 10th, Derby Div 2:
Derby League Division 2
     ECF Derby/Mickleover B   1.5 3.5 Clay Cross A  ECF    
148 Kevin Dalley B 0
Antony Natt 165

141 Alex Webster W 0 1 Geoff Brown 138

147 Jaime Castro B ½ ½ Paul Williams

128 David Smith W 1 0 Brian Lever 126

With 4 Away matches to finish the season our chances of finishing in the promotion slots seemed slim: we can't muster our best 4 players for non-Wednesday and distant fixtures. When Lichfield turned out a Premier League side against us in the previous week the mountain got steeper. Nevertheless our spiritual and military leader Antony thinks we still have a fighting chance and on Tuesday 3 heroes enhanced that chance.
Antony played a classic Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian, shown below and well worth studying - "my opponent certainly knew how to play the opening from Black's point of view" - and worthy of admiration for the way he scissored through Black's King's side in true Grand Prix style.
I was enormously grateful to Geoff for turning out the night before he was due to board a 4 a.m. flight. A watchful Antony thought Alex slipped up, but all credit to Geoff for taking his chances, and this effort transpired to be the really crucial factor to keep our Div 1 hopes alive, given the dire clowning on Board 4, about which enough justified criticism was expounded in the home-bound car...
... by our big Centre-Half Paul, who played an exemplary role in holding equality and stability until it was possible to bank the team win without recourse to anything the silly captain might salvage!
And here is Antony's game:

Remember - clicking e7 lets you see the game from Black's point of view.
(You can run the variations by clicking in them in the text, and
you can scroll down to hidden text with your mouse wheel.)

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