Clay Cross Chess Club

These Archives house play-through games involving the players of other clubs that Clay Cross has met or may meet in league matches.
Select the name of the club you are interested in from the Archives menu on the left. 
They are intended to be used as a research tool for those hoping to anticipate opponents and their opening strategies, as a store of games that any club member wishes to have available, as an entertainment, etc.

If you would like a game adding to the collection simply send or give the score - check it for errors first, please! - in any form you wish to Brian. Any annotations you include will be added if possible.
If you want any of your own games removed from the collection please let Brian know

The games are built into web format using the "pgn4web" tool. Clicking on any of the squares will reveal information or help, and in some cases will perform actions upon the diagram. For example:

Clicking a1 (the initial position of White's Queen's Rook) takes you back to move 1
Clicking e7 (the initial position of Black's Qeen Pawn) will flip the board so that you can see it from Black's point of view.
Clicking f8 (the initial position of Black's King's Bishop) reveals all this information and help

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