Clay Cross Chess Club

(Not currently running...!!)
All (non-members as well) are Welcome to join the
Clay Cross Open
Prize Handicap Ladder Summer 2013

Games can be played any club-night. Come along if you want to join in.
Next Club-night will be: Tuesday 3rd September, 7.30pm at Community of Christ Church, Thanet Street, Clay Cross, S45 9JS
Current positions:
Code: e.g. 6LB(W+6) means Opponent No. 6; Long game; Black pieces; Win, Climb 6
Rung No Curr
ent Hand
Player 25th July  1st Aug 8th Aug  14th Aug  20th Aug  29th Aug 
 35 35  3. Gunnar Mallon
N/A   N/A 7LW(W+6)  9LW(W+6)   11L(W+6) 8LB(W+6) 
 23 23  7. Keith Myhill
N/A  10LB(D+4) 
19 19 9. Mike Colclough
7LW(D+4)   N/A N/A  3LB(L+2) N/A  11LW(L+2)
 18 18  8. Brian Lever  5LW(L+2)
N/A 13L(D+4)
17  17 13. Shane Frith
N/A   N/A 11L(W+6)
 8L(D+4)  N/A
 15  15  1. Antony Natt 6LB(W+6)
N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A 
 13 13 11. Jeremy Miles  12LW(D+4)
N/A  3L(L+2)
 11  11  10. Harry Schofield
N/A   N/A 13LW(L+2)
8 8 14. Alex Webster       8LB(W+6) N/A  N/A  N/A 
1 1 12. Liam Taylor 11LB(D+4)  N/A  N/A   7LW(L+2) 10L(L+2)  N/A 
 13   14. Jermaine Redhead  10LW(W+6)           
Total Fees collected  + £16 = £80 £8   + £12 = £20   +£12 = £32  +£12 = £44   +£12 = £56
Prizes to be distributed  July
Total prizes £48 
August: 1st: Gunnar
Mallon: £16.80
Myhill: £8.40
Total prizes £30.80 
   Residue to
Club funds:
      Residue to Club funds:

Concept & Rules:
(This is a new and experimental format and the organisers retains the right to alter any of the following rules, at any time, in the light of experience and the interest of fairness. Suggestions for improvement are very welcome!)
It is hoped that the format will lead to light-hearted but serious chess. Players are expected to abide by normal FIDE rules where they can be applied, and if not contradicted below:  
  • It's a Ladder that a player of any standard can join at any time and climb quickly towards the top by playing well (See handicap system below). When the highest placed player climbs above Rung 30, or following the last games of any month, the ladder MAY be partly collapsed in some way (e.g. by halfing all ladder positions or cutting off some of the bottom rungs) to (a) enable newcomers to reach the top quickly; (b) maintain the Handicapping logic.
  • Prizes: After the final games of each calendar month the fund of fees collected will be allocated:
    • At least 30% to Top, 15% to 2nd, 10% to 3rd highest placed players. Residue to Club Venue Rent via Club Treasurer
      Game fees: £2 per Long (total 2hrs) Game, £1 per Short (total 1hr) Game
  • Newcomers will start on Rung (X - 6) with a Current Handicap of X where
    • X = Current leader's Rung No. x Newcomer's Highest Current (or estimated) Grade / 200
  • You may challenge anyone on the ladder within the following limitations, and you may refuse any challenge.
    • You cannot play the same player more than once in any calendar month, unless, when all other players are paired, there is no alternative opponent
    • A controller will pair players who have not agreed a contest independently. He will attempt to make pairings where, given player strengths and handicap calculations, the match is evenly balanced.
  • Each player must record the first 25 moves of each game, unless (s)he has less than 5 minutes time remaining on his clock.
  • Scoring:               Win a  LONG  game = +6; Draw a  LONG  game = +4; Lose a  LONG  game = +2;
  • It's all climbing!   Win a SHORT game = +3; Draw a SHORT game = +2; Lose a SHORT game = +1;
  • Games will be LONG (Total time on clocks = 2 hrs) unless opponents mutually agree to play a short game (Total time on clocks = 1 hr). Long games must start by 8.30pm. Short games must start by 9.30pm.

  • Handicaps: The player on the lower rung will select the type of handicap - "Material" or "Time"
MATERIAL HANDICAPS (Equal times on each clock)
If at the start of a game the Difference in Rungs (total scores) is:
 0  or  1:       Toss up for colours (no handicap)
 2  or  3:       Lower player chooses colour
 4  or  5:       Lower player is White and makes 2 moves initially
 6  or  7:       Lower player is White and f7 pawn is removed
 8  or  9:       Lower player is White and has 2 moves, f7 pawn is removed
10 or 11:      Lower player is Black, b1 Knight is removed 
12 or 13:      Lower player is White, b8 Knight is removed
14 or 15:      Lower player is Black, a1 Rook is removed
16 or 17:      Lower player is White, a8 Rook is removed
18 or 19:      Lower player is Black, a1 Rook and f2 pawn are removed
20 or more: Lower player is White, a8 Rook and f7 pawn are removed
    Toss for colours on 1st meeting, thereafter alternate colours
     If at the start of a game the difference in Rungs (total scores) is:
     0  or  1:      Toss up for colours (no handicap)
     2  or  3:      Lower player 1hr 6mins  ;  Upper Player 54 mins
     4  or  5:      Lower player 1hr 10mins;  Upper Player 50 mins
     6  or  7:      Lower player 1hr 16mins;  Upper Player 44 mins
     8  or  9:      Lower player 1hr 20mins;  Upper Player 40 mins
    10 or 11:      Lower player 1hr 26mins;  Upper Player 34 mins 
    12 or 13:      Lower player 1hr 30mins;  Upper Player 30 mins 
    14 or 15:      Lower player 1hr 36mins;  Upper Player 24 mins 
    16 or 17:      Lower player 1hr 40mins;  Upper Player 20 mins 
    18 or 19:      Lower player 1hr 46mins;  Upper Player 14 mins 
    20 or more: Lower player 1hr 50mins;  Upper Player 10 mins

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