Clay Cross Chess Club

22nd November 2014
Division 2: 19th Nov 2014  Clay Cross WHITE on odd boards
Clay Cross A Worksop A
Antony Natt 1/2 1/2 Jim Davies
Dean Hartley 1 0 Oliver Graham
Paul Kelman 0 1 Phil Griffiths
Jerome Redhead 1/2 1/2 Andy Allen
Mike Colclough 0 1 Dave Fidler
Brian Lever 1/2 1/2 Rob Porter
Totals: 2.5 3.5  

Hippy has added (here) another excellent report to his blog, of the Division 2 match v Worksop last Tuesday. Valued analysis, fine pictures. (We are a handsome lot!)
Remember, if the board is blue, clicking over it will allow you to view the whole game - where clicking f8 >"shortcut squares" will show the hidden functions behind all 64 squares, e.g. e7 flips the board.
Of the two games not fully scored on Hippy's blog, Board 6: Rob Porter v Brian Lever, is here

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